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Is it expensive comared to New York, is Anistasia the best romance group to go with? Do I even need them?

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Ed Buzzell

I am thinking of going to St Petersburg on the 13 of Sept. for 9 days with the Anastasia Romance group. Is this really worth it. Should I come without going through the group and meet lots of great ladies with a good background. Is your city an expensive city food lodging etc. I have also thought about extending the tour. The tour itself is very expensive but they provide socials where I can meet women with good backgrounds.
Joseph Carducci


Please be VERY, VERY careful with this company. I have been to Russia, Ukraine, Belorus and Kazakhstan many times...and I met my beautiful Ukrainian wife this way as well. However, I know of too many men that have had bad experiences with Anastasia. In fact they recently lost a big lawsuit because of some dishonest practices they were engaged in. If you check out other message boards you will find many horror stories about these guys.

The women they invite to the socials ARE NOT screened, except for whether they are alive! You will meet all kinds--ladies who are very young and not serious, don't want to find a foreign man, or just too young, irresponsible, and/or naive to be ready for marriage to anyone, let alone a foreign man that would entail moving half way around the world! Or ladies a bit older who are jaded by the process. It has also been reported that prostitutes attend these events as well.

If you are still interested in doing a tour I suggest a good honest company which has a stellar reputation. Try Elenasmodels.com or loveme.com (A Foreign Affair). You will meet real women through these tours, many of whom are indeed interested in meeting you.

I hope this helps, and hope I found you in time to save you from the clutches of Anastasia...they are just bad news! Run away from them fast and far.

Good luck!