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Thank you for leting me be on your website.

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Dominic Farrimond

Dear Natasha, I am Dominic from Bolton, England. At my school, 4 Russian people have come to see what it is like and one of the girls is called Marsha, (I dont no if i spell it right). Any way for the last 2 days i have been talking to her and I have been i fasinated buy some of the things she has told me about were she live in St Petersburg and what things are like at there schools. But there is one probblem her English is not so good and my Russian.... well i can not speak Russian at all and it made me think how are country is very lazy, it should have to learn other languages like Russia, Spain etc. Marsha is very nice as well, but she seems not to have any intrest in me. Everyone at school think iam gay for talking to her and asking her loads of stuff about Russia. She asks me about me and what i like to do. I showed her a picture of my 2 dogs on my phone and she liked them. She told me she visited Manchester united stadium, and iam a big manchester united fan.
Marsha leaves on Friday to go back to St Petersburg, she said they are going to London then flying to Finland and then to St Petersburg which is abit sad. I have been thinking about getting her a good buy gift or learning something in Russian to say to her to impress her or something. Please could you e-mail me soon please Natasha Thank you.