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About Russian Wife....From Russia

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Sergei Elsen

...Many men in West and in East look for a future wife in Russia. Why
in Russia? There is an opinion that the woman in West are emancipared
and not focused to creation of family. It is the typical answer of the
American or people of the European country. The man from East
countries are conquered first of all by beauty of the Russian women.
Who are Russian woman actually? And whether it is possible to give
some general characteristic for the Russian women? First, it is the
woman who speaks Russian. Secondly, it is beautiful as a rule woman.
(Though all women are beautiful in our opinion; -) It is the woman of
a slavic type. Russia is the large country where there are very many
nationalities. For simplicity of understanding we should include here
also women from the countries of former USSR (Ukraine and
Byelorussia). There are secured women, whom isn't enough in Russia and
who as a rule are not anxious with searches of the husband abroad.
Also there are women with a low standard of living who make the basic
quota of the future brides for the foreign men. Unfortunately it is
necessary to recognize that Russia has changed very much for last 10..
15 years. Actually it is absolutely another country. And the women in
Russia have changed also. Russian soul in the standard understanding
disappears unfortunately. The new generation (It is the people before
30 . 33 yo) has grown in other Russia. They had no time to absorb in
themselves spirit of former Russia. And new Russia is the country with
western habits. In consciousness of many people concept «The Russian
woman » associates with the woman of turgenev's type. It was the
appropriate education in family. Moscow is not all Russia. And is not
Russia even in traditional understanding. Many foreigners do not go
further than Moscow. But just in a province was kept while spirit of
real Russia. Though it changes quickly unfortunately.. If you want to
find the real Russian girl you should look for her in province. In
West there are some recommendations for the men in search of the
correct woman. That's why many men are afraid to give the woman gifts
and to render other marks of attention. It is wrong. If you have the
serious plans in life you should understand the following. First, many
women really have financial problems and can not afford to have the
computer and Internet. Secondly, any woman does not love the greedy
men. If you meet the real girl, you will care of her as the gentleman.
Besides there are dishonour men also, who has not serious relations
but have a lot free time. They have a good time or satisfy the sexual
needs with the help of Internet. Certainly women don't want to have
any relations with such men. But it is difficult for defining at once.
Sergei Elsen

The woman can have correspondence with the several men. But she will
choose the man who will take care of her as about the real woman.
There is an opinion that it is not necessary to trust various
agencies. And some men think that the best way for acquaintance is
direct communication with the woman through various free sites. It is
a serious mistake. Yes, there are dishonourable agencies. But there
are also dishonourable women who use free sites for personal material
benefit. It is the basic way for the swindlers now. Many dishonourable
women went to individual work, having access to the computer and
Internet. And you can not establish true never. If you use services of
agencies with the good recommendations you reduce your risk up to a
minimum. Yes, some financial costs are inevitable. But this payment is
justified. If this decent agency, the people who works there are open
maximum. And they know all of ladies whom they recommend you. They can
give you correct advice which will help you to avoid a mistake. As a
rule good agency offers you complete service - from qualitative
correspondence before registration of the visa and organization of
your real meeting with the future bride. We could give you still some
recommendations at the choice of correct lady. For example we could
talk about her age. I think the girl is ready for serious family life
after 23 . 25 years only. But this my personal opinion; -) I am ready
to discuss it with you; -) (Sergey).
Dear men, we wish you a success in your search. We shall be
sincerely glad if you will find here your second half. We shall be
glad to render you any help.